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Joseph Bucklin's shot in the capture of the Gaspee made him a wanted man!

wpe1.gif (69132 bytes)Governor Wanton of Rhode Island issued the proclamation expected of him by England.  Rhode Island was worried that England might send troops or revoke their charter as a colony, and this document helped to assure the King that "his government" in the colony was on the King's side of the matter. The Rhode Island reward was 100 English pounds. Click the thumbnail to see a photo of the original Rhode Island document. This document was officially proclaimed by the Town Cryers, who then posted the document in a public place.  Most of the posted public documents were immediately taken down by the townspeople.

King George issued a stronger proclamation.Click here to see the old royal document One thousand pounds was the price to be paid for information leading to the discovery of the person "who wounded Our said Lieutenant William Dudingston." 1000 English pounds was a huge sum. The Gaspee ship was purchased for only about 500 pounds

Click the thumbnail to see a photo of the original document of the King's rage. (Or click here for readable text)

In spite of the reward no one in Rhode Island turned in Joseph Bucklin. His name was kept secret until after the end of the Revolutionary War.

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